May the Force be with you!


There is always Hope

Hope! The lady is very tired and weary. She sits pathetically on a dreary earth. It is obvious that she has had a very difficult time and has been wounded on her path in life. She is wearing tattered old clothes. Her head droops down. It has been injured and bandaged with rags. She has very little to look forward to and is basically just hanging in and holding on like the almost broken string on the old harp she holds in her hand.

 It is an old weathered and almost useless harp with one string left on it, and that string is also ragged and about to break! There does not appear to be any nice music in her life: no uplifting melodies and if anything most likely dreary melancholy. However she holds the old harp in her hands. It appears to be all that she owns. The slightest touch on that string could snap it and render the harp useless. If it breaks it would be one more setback or loss in this dreary world. It would be one more step towards total desolation and despair. And yet the harp is here and like herself it is not totally dead yet.

She bends over the harp wearily and ponders whether she should pluck it or not. Oh the promise of even one beautiful note for an instant would stand out so wonderfully in the dreary world around her. But it will probably break and make a horrible sound! But the dark despair and melancholy is already unbearable. If the string breaks and the harp does not play the world will hardly be any worse. ….just a little more desolate if that could be imagined. Oh! but if it played, even just one little fragile note in the midst of the despair, just one little note in the pervading silence,  …Oh! what a note that would be.

With what seems to be her last heartbeat and her head bent down listening acutely. She gently reaches out and strikes the note. Why?

Because there is always Hope!